Strength is DEFINED by the CONVERSATION you have with yourself during difficult situations.    ~Richard Walker A GOAL without action is merely a DREAM.  ~Richard Walker Happiness is a CHOICE.   ~Richard Walker I can learn something from EVERYONE I meet.  ~Richard Walker The difference between SUCCEEDING and FAILING is what you tell yourself along the way.   ~Richard Walker Live life the way it COULD be NOT the way it is.   ~Richard Walker POWER is not what you can do on your own, it is what you can do with the PEOPLE around you.  ~Richard Walker I am willing to work HARDER than OTHERS to acheive my goals.  ~Richard Walker Empower OTHERS to do their BEST work.   ~Richard Walker What you BELIEVE is your REALITY.   ~Richard Walker

About Richard D. Walker

Entrepreneur. CEO. Author. Coach. Speaker.

Richard is the CEO of Efficient Technology Inc., a software services company that makes it easier to get work done. As the leader in enterprise forms automation, Richard has designed and delivered solutions that save the financial services industry over $1 billion per year in labor costs and saves thousands of trees in paper per year.

Since 1996, Richard has consulted organizations and individuals to acheive their goals. Starting with Arthur Andersen and working with Fortune 500 executives, Richard quickly learned how to communicate and see through the challengs to the solutions. Later he joined ING as a financial advisor to help individuals plan and realize their retirement goals.

Empowering Others To Become Their Best Version Of Themselves

Today as the author of It's My Life! I Can Change If I Want To and public speaker to corporations, universities, schools and non-profits, and through his coaching, Richard's primary goal is to empower others to become their best versions of themselves.

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Contact Efficient CEO today to schedule your free consultation or to discuss having him speak at your event on a number of topics ranging from efficiency and e-signature, to personal change, to career development and executive breakthroughs.
Send an email to rwalker AT EfficientCEO DOT com.

Richard D. Walker

100% Money Back Guarantee

Consulting you on your business is private, confidential and guaranteed to work or your money back. No strings. Just simple integrity between peers. If Efficient CEO coaching doesn't work for you, say the word and you get your money back.

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