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Strength is DEFINED by the CONVERSATION you have with yourself during difficult situations.    ~Richard Walker A GOAL without action is merely a DREAM.  ~Richard Walker Happiness is a CHOICE.   ~Richard Walker I can learn something from EVERYONE I meet.  ~Richard Walker The difference between SUCCEEDING and FAILING is what you tell yourself along the way.   ~Richard Walker Live life the way it COULD be NOT the way it is.   ~Richard Walker POWER is not what you can do on your own, it is what you can do with the PEOPLE around you.  ~Richard Walker I am willing to work HARDER than OTHERS to acheive my goals.  ~Richard Walker Empower OTHERS to do their BEST work.   ~Richard Walker What you BELIEVE is your REALITY.   ~Richard Walker

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Los Angeles Jobs

Los Angeles Jobs

Looking for a job in Los Angeles that will improve your life can be made easier with the right approach. Our Los Angeles job search strategy will help you get the job you deserve faster. Efficient CEO career coaching based in Los Angeles offers a unique, proven method for finding your ideal company and job without sending out hundreds of resumes. In fact, writing a resume should wait until you've found your ideal company to work for and found the job you want to apply for. Our methods will help you find the hidden job market, target your ideal employer and become the number one candidate in any job market. While some jobs will find you, your odds are greatly improved when you find work that best suits your needs, lifestyle and work style. Consider looking for a job that matches your unique skills, culture and goals and you'll find a job that makes you happy and fulfilled. 

There are lots of ways to find a job. You can use online job searches (like Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, Dice.com, etc) to increase your odds of finding work, but these sites usually only post entry-level or hard-to-fill jobs. You can also network at industry events, your university and career fairs. Or view job listings at your university career center, local job placement center, job banks and on company intranets. By far your best tool to find a job is on LinkedIn and through networking with your peers to find jobs that aren't posted online. 

Whether you're looking for part time jobs, full time jobs, summer jobs, internships, contracting work or to telecommute, your best chance of finding a job is to be the number one candidate your future employer is looking for. That's why Efficient CEO has developed an approach to landing a job that has proven to work regardless of the job market or the economy. If you're looking for a job you owe it to yourself to see how working with the Efficient CEO can greatly increase your odds.

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